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Meet the Author

Paulo Fonseca Jr

Urban Assembly Media High School

Technology Coordinator
Fine Arts
My Philosophy

I teach to empower my students to believe in the awesome power of their ideas.

I use media examples as entry points for discussions about social values.

I believe students need training to help them decode meaning from media.

I create an environment where students can grow their existing creative and technical skills.

I seek to inspire, and am constantly inspired by my students, and I see myself as

a collaborator in the learning process.

My Community

My community is filled with diverse peoples of various talents.  

I try to surround myself with good natured, creative and innovative people because I value exposure to new stimuli. 

My schools learning community is comprised of a multi cultural

staff that serve students from all over New York City.  My community is vibrant, young,

and full of energy.  I am lucky to be working with other professionals who care about

the development of their students, and are dedicated to improving the teaching and learning

in our school.

My Environment

When I first moved to New York, I moved to Astoria Queens.  I lived in an artist collective

called "Wonderland" for 4 years.  During this wonderful living experiment I learned

alot about myself and how to maintain a live/work environment.  I was in constant

collaboration with the Artist/Residents of Wonderland, and living in that rich environment

has given me perspective on community building.

Now I live in Brooklyn and I love the energy of neighborhood. 

My Roles and Responsibilities

At my school I am the Visual Arst Media Teacher.  I am responsibile for

exposing students to Visual Arts History, Art Studio activities, as well

as improving their technology/digital media literacy and skills.


I am also my schools Technology Coordinator.  I work with others in my school

to maintain the equipment used by teachers and stuents in out learning community.