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Final Cut Pro X Tutorial Videos


Learn Final Cut Pro X like a the pros!


Have a question about FCPX? Are you stuck? Below is a list of short tutorial videos, click the link to view the tutorial


Overview of Final Cut Pro X

1. Final Cut Pro X- Mac Basics

2. Fincal Cut Pro X- Add To Project

3. Final Cut Pro X- Make a Selection

4. Final Cut Pro X- Photos and Graphics

5. Final Cut Pro X- Transitions

6. Final Cut Pro X- Titles

7. Final Cut Pro X- Audio Basics

8. Final Cut Pro X- Advanced Audio

9.Final Cut Pro X- Green Screen


If the links above do not work...try this...

1.  Log into the class Dropbox account

     username: password: education1

2. Find the folder "Final Cut Pro X"

3. Watch the tutorial video about the topic you need help with