UAMedia Online
Visual Media Production Online Coursework
Course Syllabus

Course Goals

  • Learn how to apply the elements of art & design in the production of visual art.
  • Understand the distinct properties of a variety of visual art media.
  • Analyze and respond to a variety of artworks, images, and current events articles.
  • Discover visual artists and learn about the cultural context that influenced their work.
  • Engage in the production of visual art in order to communicate a unique creative expression.
  • Collaborate with classmates in the production of Visual Art
  • Publish creative products using Web 2.0 resources

Course Overview

Instructional Units

  • Pre-Assessment (Writing & Drawing)
  • Introduction/Review-Mac & Web 2.0 Basics
  • Elements and Principles of Design (Illustration & Collage)
  • Digital Storytelling-Multimedia Comics
  • Digital Storytelling-A/V Editing

Art Media:

•Pencils, Charcoal, Ink, Watercolor, Acrylic, Collage, Digital Photography, Digital Collage, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere
Class Routines
1.As You Walk in: Everyday, you will enter the classroom and respond to a question or visual image.  Instructions will always be displayed by the projector.  
2.Mini Lesson/Demo:  The instructor/facilitator will give a brief multi-media presentation or perform a technical demonstration.
3.Studio Time:  This activity will vary from project to project.  Participation in studio activities will result in the creation of finished art projects.
4.Cleanup & Reflection:  This is when we clean up after ourselves and prepare the space for the incoming class.  A student will recap the days lesson.
Grading Policy

20% Attendance

•(10%) Consistent and prompt arrival to class
•(10% Prepared with sketchpad everyday

20% Participation

•(5%) As you walk in
•(5%) Effort/Attitude
•(5%) Studio Activity
•(5%) Cleanup/Reflection

20% Homework

•Between 2-4 assignments will be assigned per week (they will be either Vocabulary, Drawing, or creative writing assignments)

20% Projects

• Completion of Projects/Artist Statements by given deadline 
•Effort/Commitment to creating a unique creative expression
•Overall quality of creative composition
20% Assessments
  • Quizzes (Online/written)
  • Artist Statements (to be completed after the production of each visual artwork)
  • Active Participation in critiques