Step into My Shoes
Encouraging Empathy in Early Elementary School Children

By Desiree Molina-Gorozpe      September 29, 2013 -- 08:14 PM
I was extremely impressed and interested by your project. I work in an environment where empathy is a concept we are constantly talking about due to the population we work with. Our boys are older but I feel like your project could be beneficial to people of all ages. Many people don’t seem to understand the difference between sympathy and empathy and perhaps need to have it explained to them in simple terms. As I was watching your presentation I was thinking how helpful this would be on so many levels. Your audience was clearly early elementary but like I said it could be used on older kids I believe. I thought that your resources were spot on for your audience and purpose. They were easily accessible and interactive. I also enjoyed the video that you included. The role play was a great addition. It might be interesting to add an interactive element where children, with the help of an adult, could share a time they have had empathy. Maybe even be able to upload videos and allow other children to be able to enjoy those videos. I really can’t make any comments regarding areas to improve as I can’t see any. It was fantastic and a great idea for a project!

By Tammika L. Fortney-Reed      September 29, 2013 -- 06:57 PM
Hey Kimberly,I watched the virtual presentation of your project “Step into My Shoes,” and I must say that I really enjoyed it. Your page is well mapped out and easy to follow. From the effort put into this project, I can tell that the topic of empathy important to you. It is imperative that students not only understand their own feelings, but also are able to relate to other people’s feeling and your page definitely projects this idea. As your target audiences were students K-2, the videos, books, and other elements were aligned with these students in mind. Excellent work.

By Arus      September 29, 2013 -- 05:56 PM
When looking at your presentation entitled “Encouraging Empathy in Early Elementary School Children,” I thought your idea to incorporate read-alouds was a great idea. I especially liked how you included a writing assignment, role play, or project with each assignment. One suggestion that I could make, if you could maybe add an assessment piece, for teachers to assess how well they believe your plans worked for them in the classroom.

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