Winter Olympics 2014
Are you watching? Are you following the events?
File Athlete and Event Reports Here


File at least 3 Reports here for a total of 60 points possible.

10 points for each article submitted...20 points for each published article.

Additional reports will also be accepted for possible 20 points each.


Note: A published article is a report of a minimum of one or more paragraphs with enough detail to cover a complete event including correct punctuation, grammar, spelling, sources, and links...when covering an athlete a minimum of 3 paragraphs.


1. Open a Google Doc and name it: Winter Olympics Reporting

2. Reporter: (your name)

3. Location: (Room number)



*Timestamp each report you write (Put the date you are reporting the event or athlete)

*Include images with your reports.

*Be sure to include at the end of each report in your Doc links to support/enhance that report.

*Accumulate your reports on this one Google Doc.

*Keep your Doc in your Google Drive



When you are ready to file your report for publishing... file it below.

Be sure to include resource links to videos, articles, webpages along with the report.

If covering a live broadcast include "NBC live coverage/time/date" If reporting  a completed event using video include the link to the video resource.