Winter Olympics 2014
Are you watching? Are you following the events?
Table Team Competition


Ready... Set... Go!


*Sit in Table Teams of 5-6 but no less than 4 so teams can be balanced for the competition.


*Sit by choice but teams can be re-assigned as necessary.


Your Goal: Answer as many Olympics questions as time will be given 5 points for each correct answer that you give when asked during Question Rotation.


Use the Bay Farm Olympic Website and links to NBC Olympic Website to find your answers.

Note: Google and Wikipedia searches will result in penalty don’t use them for this activity!


How to Play:


*Questions are located in the Olympics Question Jar by pulling out one question for your team to answer at a time, rotating by Table Team member.


*Write the question down on the answer sheet and be sure to include the number for your reference during Scoring.


*Searches can be by all members of the team at the table using iPads and Chromebooks.


*Questions should be returned to the jar when answered. Be sure to number your answer sheet according to the questions you draw (not numerical number) and place your answers under that question number.

Shhhhhhhhhh. Keep your searches quiet so you don’t spill the beans to other teams as you work together!


*When time is called to stop "Play"... assemble your Table Team and wait for the Answer Rotation. A question number and the question will be drawn from the Jar and Tables will be called in rotation until the correct answer is given for 5 points. Then a new question will be pulled and asked for from the next Table and again there will be rotations by Table until the correct answer is given and points assigned.


Okay....Play for about 20 minutes....then Score the Game!