Smarter Balanced Testing 2014
What do we need to know to complete Field Testing 2014?
Group or Self Training



Here’s how I walked teachers through the Teacher Tab page of the website…

This should work for self-training too.


Overview Page

Skipped the overview just said the State Superintendent/Overview are there to watch. The schedule you see for Bay Farm is going to be updated due to a netbook limitation.


Teacher Taban essential piece

Walked through the first page…popped open the AUSD PPT and talked thru the most important points quickly and explained that I went out looking for additional information to deepen my understanding, so I gathered more information, videos, etc. from the State and Smarter Balanced, and You Tube sites and created this resource site for ease of access. I then went thru the PPT quickly, highlighting the essentials and assuring how I would go into detail with visuals, and we would circle back to review and complete.


I clicked open each of the essential page links and explained what they were….that’s what you might want to download and print for each teacher according to grade level and performance task identified for your school.


I clicked on the Field Test Portal to show them it’s there in case they lose the url at some point.



Test Admin Overview..

I just showed that its there and how to use the video. I didn’t show the video due to time but this is good for indepth review as necessary if confused about how it works.



Test Administrator (TA) Interface for “testing day” essential piece

I showed the PAUSD Taining video 4:27...excellent video clip!


Reminder: The Field Test is a "work in progress" so some changes and updates are being made even today.... at first I couldn’t access both the SC role and TA role, but can now...and when teachers set up sessions they just click "Select All" tests and the system will self select for the that has improved too.


I showed how to use the training video…that below I placed important segments and how long they are…didn’t show the video itself, just how to navigate it for deeper review as necessary.


Webcast....if they start the webcast video at around 8:45 they will see a dual screen live action of what the student and TA screens look like when signing in to get the test.


Training Module for Online Testing

This tutorial takes 30 minutes or you can click appropriate sections….I then took them to  Student Login section and ran that section (5 minutes)


Students will be taking the training tests during Media Center until their testing week begins.

I showed that there were additional documents with active links they could look at which also include additional questions that would be good for whole class directed teaching opportunities.


Accessibility and Accommodations


Universal Tools, Designated Supports, and Accomodations…

I showed the diagram quickly


I shared that these are to be preset in TIDE BEFORE Test Day….our SPED Case Managers took care of this for identified students…teacher judgment on others.


I showed the PAUSD Universal Tool video…4:38  another excellent video clip... 

Students will also be watching this video with me. I froze the initial slide with the tools identified...talked briefly about each they would see in the video, then ran the video for them.


I showed teachers the link to the keyboard commands and suggested they might want to download and have some copies available for their students….but it is also inside the information tab inside the test.


Session ID and Test Selection Directions for Test Administrators


I walked thru the document and noted the download link for them to print and use as necessary


Performance Task Overview

Performance Task Overview….11 minutes…(I ran out of time so did not show them the video.)

Reviewed the necessary document links with them to use on Test Day…and they were in their folder.


 FAQ Page

I just showed it and scrolled down indicating to them there is so much more they can read for their own for specific purposes


Other Useful Links...same as FAQ....additional detailed information I found


Logging in as TA  and Student…..we did both… I also showed them on the SmartBoard where they log in to provide TIDE settings for their class... and that they could print a roster, then shread after testing…..and when we logged in as a Student….we only had time to try out one Training.



I also showed them the links to go in and try for practice when not on a secure browser. It might be a good idea to post that link on a school site page for student access and practice if enough time or desire within the classrooms. I know that some of my teachers are now having their students who can access a mini lab try them. some are also using links to share on their SmartBoard with the class.


This was about a 45 minute agenda


That’s it. Roxanne