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II. Additional Research:

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507 A

Ardley, Neil. 101 great science experiments. London ; : Dorling Kindersley, 2006.
Describes 101 science experiments or activities that can be done with household items and easily found ingredients.

507 A

Amazing science experiments : 150 easy projects using everday materials demonstrated step by step in 1300 photographs. London : Southwater, c2008.
Provides step-by-step, illustrated instructions for one hundred and fifty simple science experiments that children can perform at home and school.

507.2 H

Herbert, Don. Mr. Wizard's supermarket science. New York : Random House, 1980.
Gives directions for over 100 simple experiments using items available in the supermarket. Includes explanations of the scientific principles demonstrated.

507.2 U

Unesco. 700 science experiments for everyone. Rev. and enl. ed. Garden City, N.Y., : Doubleday, [1964, c1962].
Presents 700 science experiments with instructions and diagrams.

507.8 C

Churchill, E. Richard (Elmer Richard). 365 more simple science experiments with everyday materials. New York : Black Dog & Leventhal :, c1998.
Presents a variety of activities, projects, and experiments that help to illustrate and explain all sorts of scientific principles.

507.8 TOC

Tocci, Salvatore. Experiments with foods. New York : Children's Press, c2003.
Explores the science behind foods through simple experiments using everyday objects.

507.8 TOC

Tocci, Salvatore. Experiments with sports. New York : Children's Press, c2003.
What's your favorite sport? -- Do you need speed? -- Do you need balance? -- Do you need accuracy? -- Fun with sports. Explores the science behind sports through simple experiments using everyday objects.

507.8 W

Walpole, Brenda. 175 science experiments to amuse and amaze your friends : experiments, tricks, things to make. New York : Random House, c1988.
Instructions for 175 experiments, tricks, and creations that illustrate the principles of light, water, movement, and air.

530 C

Churchill, E. Richard (Elmer Richard). Amazing science experiments. New York : Sterling, 2005, c1991.
Describes over sixty simple science experiments kids can perform to learn about rest and motion, gravity and balance, motion and force, sound, surface tension, light and heat, and air and wind.

570 V

VanCleave, Janice Pratt. Janice VanCleave's A+ projects in biology : winning experiments for science fairs and extra credit. New York : Wiley, c1993.
Contains a collection of thirty ideas for experiments and projects exploring various aspects of biology, covering topics such as seed germination, chromatography, food preservatives, cellular respiration, and operant conditioning, Includes charts, diagrams, and illustrations.

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III.  Compose and Frame Your Hypothesis:

Project Examples:

Hypothesis Checklist:

IV.  Set Up Experiment:

The following resources are helpful in setting up your experiment if you are not following a book’s steps:

V. Collect Data and/or Record Observations:

VI. Analyze Data And Write Summary:


VII.  Presentation Board:

The following sites provide guidance in setting up the tri-fold board.  See your teacher for a tri-fold board:

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