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Ian Lewis
Cathedral Catholic High School

San Diego Diocese

Fine Arts
Performing Arts
My Philosophy

I believe that despite the many factors impeading on education that there is a constant of educators that sincerely care for/about thier students. Each and every student of mine is individualized, supported, and celebrated. I believe stongly in multi-cultural education and encorporating all cultures into my instruction. I realize the current wave of education and the destination in a highly integrated technological society. Within this state of technology I believe it is our responsibility as teachers to meet the students where they are/understand and build them up to our knowledge instead of disregarding thier experience.


I beleive that music education is a form of expression that can not be fullfilled in any other subject. It allows students to think creatively, collaborate, and fully realize thier hardships. Within the discipline that they discover, they understand what type of effort is neccessary for them to succeed in thier lives. 


First and formost I put my student’s individuality first. I believe in them expressing themselves, thinking out of the box, and making up thier own mind. I do not believe in telling them what is right or wrong, instead I have them discover for themselves through project based learning.