National History Day 2014
Bay Farm Middle School participates in National History Day!

National History Day is a national history contest. Students research a topic in history and relate it to the annual theme. It’s rewarding for students becasue they have a wide range of topics available and many different methods for publishing research.Students can work individually or in groups; it’s up to them.

This year’s theme is: Leadership and Legacy

Students can create and produce:

  • Miniature museum exhibit
  • Documentary
  • Website
  • Dramatic performance
  • (8th grade only) Research paper

After completing their project, students will have still another choice: whether to compete. Winners at Bay Farm move on to Alameda County competition; winners at County move on to History Day in California. But, ultimately, the project is about learning: learning to research (multiple sources are required); learning to apply unique talents to a project; learning to evaluate information; learning to connect historical ideas to a theme. Whether it’s a dramatic interpretation of Lincoln or a research paper about women’s suffrage, students are developing the same skills in research, analysis, and communication. 

This year's topics:

  • Eighth graders choose an event in US History prior to 1900.
  • Seventh grade students choose a topic between 500 AD and 1789 AD in Latin America, Africa, Europe, China, Japan, or the Middle East.
  • Sixth graders focus on ancient history, up to AD 500.
  • All students find leadership and legacy with significant and lasting consequences in history.



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