Hour of Code 2021
Ready? Set? Go!!!!!!!
Hour of Code 2013 Videos

Ms. Oducayen (who teaches 6th grade) found this celebration of computer programming sponsored by Computer Science Education Week.

After she shared it with me I thought that we should feature it this week for all grade levels throughout Bay Farm School K-7 during our Library/Technology visits.



Watch this introductory video that explains Hour of Code Week!




 What most schools don’t teach! Check it out!




Infographics are a new way to read and learn about what is curated over time. Infographics can inform us about everything and anything. Infographics share important ideas, content, and data with others online.

Click the image below to view an important Infographic about Computer Science, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and the jobs and careers that are in high demand in the US without enough skilled people to fill them. Let’s talk together about what the data says!


Hint: After you click the page, scroll down to read each graphic and discuss together each section and what the data tells you. What do you think about it?




After you view and discuss the Infographic if you want to view the sources of the data click here.


View this important message from the President of the United States about the importance of Hour of Code Week 2013.



 Are you ready to accept the Hour of Code Challenge 2013?

1. Click the picture below and then click "GO."

2. Watch the video on how to program Angry Birds using Blockly, a graphical programming editor.

3. Work Puzzles 1-20 and complete your Hour of Code.