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Khan Academy Hour of Code 2016





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2016 Class Codes to join Kahn Academy Hour of code activities:

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3rd Grade: BFH54S

4th Grade: 5UMR3W

5th Grade: 37KXBE

6th Grade: 4JNC5S

7th Grade: GYGK2N





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Here's a breakdown of what you'll pick from:

  • Hour of Drawing with CodeThis hour teaches your students to program using JavaScript, one of the world's most popular programming languages. They'll use JavaScript to program drawings, finishing with a fun snowman project. Requires good typing skills and a keyboard. Recommended ages: 10+.
  • Hour of Drawing with Code Blocks: This is a variant on the first tutorial, but students get to drag and drop blocks of JavaScript code instead of type. This is best for younger students and students on tablets (iPad/Android). Recommended ages: 8+.
  • Hour of WebpagesThis hour teaches your students to make their own webpages using the basics of HTML and CSS, finishing with a holiday greeting card. Requires good typing 
    skills and a keyboard. Recommended ages: 10+.
  • Hour of DatabasesThis hour teaches the fundamentals of databases, which are how apps store data about users and content. Your students will use SQL to create tables with data and query them, finishing with a project to create a database for an imaginary store. Requires good typing skills and a keyboard.Recommended ages: 12+.

Each option includes the following content:

  • Instructional videos and “talk-throughs”. Talk-throughs are like videos, but you can pause them and play with the code in realtime.
  • Coding challenges, which give the student a chance to practice the concept and give us a way to automatically grade them and award points.
  • A final project, a way for students to use what they’ve learned in a more creative, free-form way.

We believe that it will take students about an hour to get through any one of the options. However, we also believe on Khan Academy that students should be able to learn at their own pace, so we encourage you to give students more than an hour (like 1.5-2 hours), or make it clear that they don’t need to finish the entire lesson.

What is Hour of Code?

Hour of Code is an initiative to get students to spend an hour of time learning to program, as part of national CS Education Week (December 7-13, 2015). Hopefully, after spending just one hour coding, students will want to keep going with many more hours of code.



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