New Year Resolutions 2020
What will you do to make a difference this year?

What’s New Year’s Eve all about? 

Where is it celebrated?

How is it celebrated?

How did you bring in the New Year?


from the History Channel...

Celebrating around the world 2018 by The Telegraph

Around the World 2018 by NBC

Eiffel Tower, Paris France 2018

Countdown to New Year's NYC 2018 Rockin Eve ABC

San Francisco Bay Bridge /frieworks 2018

DisneyWorld New Year Fireworks 2018

Disneyland Fireworks at Disneyland Paris 2018


LiveStream of DisneyWorld Fireworks 2018

Last Year...........


Celebrating Around the World...

Sidney Australia...2017

Fireworks from Dubai...2017


Countdown in New York City 2017

London, England 2017


Just Last Year......

Watch the New Year Celebration in the United States... 2016


 Around the United States... 2016

 from City News...



Watch New Year Celebrations Around the World from 2016...

Fireworks from a Drone over Lima Peru (2016)

Around the world "The Telegraph" (2016)


London, England (2016)

Tokyo, Japan (2016)

Paris, France (2016)

our own San Francisco.... 2016


How did you celebrate your New Year’s Eve?

Use the comments box below to share with us.