Providing Excellent Customer Service

Time: 15 Minutes


Now it is time to practice good customer service.  You will be given an online tool to practice customer service which will enable you to view the impacts of your responses on the customer experience.  The goal of the exercise is to educate employees on how to best use good customer service and avoid things which will impact the customer experience.


In this game you must provide quality service and fully resolve your caller’s concern during this interaction.  You must choose from the options presented to them after listing to simulated customer dialogue.  Some options represent what you will say to the customer. Other options represent resources and actions.  Decisions will impact your score and the satisfaction level of the virtual customer.  Your decisions must reflect, a positive demeanor that builds a rapport with your caller, accurate and complete answers to the caller’s questions, and ability to deescalate the emotions of an upset caller. 


The goal is to achieve the highest possible score, manage talk time, and completely resolve the caller’s concern.  Results are displayed on a First Call Resolution Meter, which displays score and talk time.  The First Call Resolution (FCR) Meter indicates how likely you are to resolve the customer’s concern during the call.  The closer the meter is to green, the better you are doing.  The higher the score on each decision, the better you are doing! 


You will have achieved great customer service when you have completed the scenario with the FCR meter in green.


NOTE:  to play the game you will have to create a logon account and then navigate to the TopAssist game.


1. Click the link below to begin the customer service assessment.



2. Once in the Free Training Games site, click the "Games" tab and navigate to the TopAssist game.  Then, click on "Play" to begin the game.


step 2



3. Read the scenario and then, click the "NEXT" button to continue.


Step 3a



4. Click the "ANSWER CALL" button to begin the game and assessment.


 step 3



5. Respond to the call using good customer service techniques to achieve the highest score and a FCR status in green.