Social Media Use and Middle School Students
Do students understand Social Media and its Positives and Negatives?


In this Lesson Plan I will describe and show a brief demonstration of the advantages and disadvantages of Social Media in their public and private lives.

8th grade Language Arts students will be asked to analyze the information  presented, as well as their own use and habits in the use of social media. 


It would be my understanding that students really do not know the ramifications of their social media uses and its far-reaching effects, even years after they have "posted" something. I believe that many students do not realize the implications of posting something on the World-Wide Web and how it can not be taken back. 

This will be based on the Common Core State Standard and the NETS Standards for Technology

Learning Objective

Students will fill out an online survey on their use of social media

Students will watch a Youtube video I have constructed on "The Digital Footprint" and how it affects everyone that uses social media. 

Students will collaborate and create a poster on the Positives and Negatives of having an online presence. 

Students will film and create a 1 minute public service announcement on the positives and negatives of social media. 

Core Understandings

The core understanding of this lesson is that everyone should know the positives and negatives on having an online presence and its effect long after they stop using that particular social media site.  

Online PResence