Teaching High Schoolers to PhotoShop in the Style of Andy Warhol
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miya kuromiya
Van Nuys HS


Industrial Arts
My Philosophy

My philosophy regarding teaching is really quite simple. I believe that learning comes naturally to us, it is as natural as living. And as my mother has always told me, "Never stop learning, because when you stop learning you stop living and growing." Over the yaers I have found that to be true. Life can be an incredibly exciting journey if you remain curious, humble and full of wonder about what it has to offer. I love being a part of that process. It's my way of giving back to the world the only way i know how.

I remember reading somewhere that we are destined to lose in life. We lose our possessions, anything material never lasts, we lose the people we love, we all die eventually, we lose our youth and vitality regardless of how much we eat right or exercise, we all age no matter how much we fight it. Eventually, even our minds we can lose with the passage of time. Life is a losing battle. In the end all we have left is the memory of how we treated the people and the world around us. Were we kind? Did we make a positive difference? What kind of legacy did we leave? Was the world a little better for us being in it? Did we inspire?

It is a small thing that I do but I'm not trying to change the world. Just my small corner of it.

Cynthia Sistek-Chandler, EdD

National University

Program Director for Masters of Science in Advanced Teaching Practices

University Faculty
Program Coordinator
Instructional Designer
My Philosophy

I am passionate about technology integration. I teach and coach adult students who are teachers or administrators how to integrate technology into their educational practice. Learning to to teach and teaching to learn is a reciprocal process.

My Community

As a staff developer, trainer and professor of educational technology, my path guides me to working with school sites and with cadres of learners at National University and at the San Diego County Office of Education. Since 1998, I have primarily taught online, EdTech courses that are required for the California Clear Credential.

My Environment

National University has 27 physical campuses but since 1999, I primarily teach online. My adult students are typical working individuals who are pursuing a Masters of Education in Technology or who are clearing their credential. I take great pride in supervising Masters thesis development for my students.

My Roles and Responsibilities

At National University I am part of a development team working in the area of Advanced Teacher Practices and Advanced Digital Literacy. Over my career, I have worked with the PK-20 community as a professional development coach at San Diego County Office of Education where I have trained over 500 school administrators in integrating technology into their practice.


The courses I teach are in the following programs:

Masters of Science in Educational and Instructional Technology

Masters of Science in Advanced Teaching Practices