Teaching High Schoolers to PhotoShop in the Style of Andy Warhol
PhotoShop Tutorial

How to Make an Andy Warhol Pop Art
Inspired Picture in Photoshop

Step 1. Hunt for an image. Either black and white or color.
Look for an image with various areas to color in, nothing too simple and make sure
it is of a medium to high resolution.

Here is one that was originally color before I converted it to black and white.



Step 2. Copy the image it to your clipboard then open up PhotoShop to a new file.
(It will automatically open to the dimensions of the image you just saved to your clipboard.)
and then paste your image. As usual, save it as LAST NAME.FIRST INITIAL.WARHOL

Step 3. There are many ways to do the next steps but this way will give you the most control.
Duplicate the image, the short-cut keystroke is Command+J
before making any adjustments to the original. The original will be your reference.




Step 4. Now click onto your new copied image layer.
In the upper menu bar go to IMAGE>ADJUSTMENT>LEVELS.




In the levels window that opens minimize the gray tones by moving the sliders. This increases the
contrast and will simplify your image posterizing it into a pure black and pure white.
(I don’t want to blow out Katy’s eyes so I’m looking for a balance between lightening the image and
keeping the detail in her eyes.)


Step 5. The next step is to paint in the color.
Create a new layer and make sure it is positioned at the top of the layers palette.
Change the blending mode to multiply and you are ready to go!




Step 6. Choose a color for your skin tone, from the color tab use the eye dropper to select the skin tone you want.
Pop art always uses a hard edge brush, so select your paintbrush with 100% hardness and start painting.
Each time you start a new color begin it on a NEW LAYER and set the blending mode to multiply.




TIP: Remember to use the open { and closed } brackets to adjust the tip size of your brush as you work.


TIP: Turn the top layer on and off to reference the original image to see where Katy’s arm begins and ends.




Step 7. Once you happy with the way the final image looks flatten the image. From the
main toolbar at the top of the screen select Layer > Flatten image.
Now you have created your basic image. A lot of Andy Warhol’s famous artworks are
the same image reproduced into a grid.




Step 8. Let’s work on a 9 image grid (3 x 3). You will need to make 8 copies of your image so select
your background image and press CTRL + J to make a copy, do this until you have 9 layers.



Step 9. Now we need to edit the size of our canvas, make sure the foreground and background colors are
set as black and white. Select Image>Canvas Size from the upper menu bar and enter a width and height that
is 3x’s larger than your original (or simply enter 300 percent in the pull down menu make sure the relative
box is checked and the anchor box is in the corner.





Step 10. Zoom out and re position the layers until they are in a 3 x 3 grid. Crop the canvas size
if necessary to fit the new image.




Step 11. Change the colors for each individual portrait to create a real pop art inspired image.
Click on the selected layer and select from the toolbar, Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation.
Move the sliders around until you have some interesting colors, repeat this step for each image.



And there you have it your completed Andy Warhol Pop Art inspired image!

Save it as JPEG and turn it into DropBox.