National History Day 2016
Bay Farm Middle School participates in National History Day!
Top Ten Reasons to Participate


1. Teaches History

Builds an understanding that history is not static and contains multiple perspectives


2. Engages Students

Excites students by asking them to choose a topic and explore resources


3. Energizes the Curriculum

Provides a framework for hands-on, student-centered learning


4. Promotes High Academic Standards

Assists teachers and schools in meeting educational standards by offering a portfolio-building and outcome-based activity


5. Encourages Literacy

Adjusts their reading for different types of print and non-print texts (including fiction and nonfiction, classic and contemporary works)


6. Enhances Assessment

Provides a multi-layered performance-based assessment tool


7. Teaches Critical Thinking

Promotes life skills, analytical skills, comparative perspectives and models of critical judgment essential for work in any field


8. Inspires Curiosity

Ignites student interest in learning about history by integrating social studies, art, sciences, literature, language, and music into their presentations


9. Recognizes the Student Strengths

Allows students to become experts


10. Activates Civic Engagement

Encourages students to become involved in their communities