National History Day 2016
Bay Farm Middle School participates in National History Day!
This Year's Calendar

Note: Enter these dates into your School Planner and always keep your packet available.

Date Due Assignment Points
Tues. Oct 27


Packet Reviewed

 Parent Meeting Scheduled

 Parent Signature

 Practice notes on sample (not final) topic


Wed. Nov 4


 Topic Chosen

 Public Library Card and Student ID check

 Notes from Source 1 (Secondary source from the public library website)


Thurs. Nov 12


 Use NoodleTools to organize note-taking and bibliography

 Begin looking for two books to read to support your project

 Email or letter address of a person to interview (keep a copy in Google Docs)


Wed. Nov 18


 Notes from Source 2. (from a documentary if possible)



Wed. Dec 2


 Thesis statement rough draft due

 Notes from Source 3 (a primary source)




Wed. Dec 9


 Source 4: Show a primary source image (painting, cartoon, or photograph) to    analyze in class

 Notes from Source 5 (Book #1)





Wed. Dec 16


 Research Paper Rough Draft + Bibliography page



Wed. Jan 6



 Teacher returns Rough Draft of your Research Paper 

 Notes from Source 6 (3 quotes chosen)

 Start Annotated Bibliography

 Begin NHD project


6th: Be prepared to pick final project type: Board, Website, Documentary




Jan 13 


 Source 7: Show a Primary Source document (law, contract, letter, etc.) to      analyze in class 


6th: Source document, Show Map (in progress) Show Timeline (in progress) 

Final Thesis Statement

Wed. Jan 20


 Notes from Source 8 (Book #2)

 Final Research Paper due including bibliography


6th: research Outline and Bibliography Checkpoint

Map/Timeline Checkpoint


Wed. Jan 27


 Notes from Source 9 (periodical)

 Annotated Bibliography Check Point


Typed Rough Draft and Annotated Bibliography (one per project)

 Note:(Annotated means that you will adds one or two sentences describing  how it was used in the project for each citation in the bibliography)



 Annotated  Bibliography example page 

 Purdue sample annotated bibliography

 About citing images

6th: Research Outline and Annotated Bibliography Checkpoint

Map/Timeline checkpoint

Declare final project type

Wed. Feb 3


 Timeline due (created by you: one per project)

 Map due (created by you: one per project)


6th: Final Research Outline Due




Wed. Feb 10


 Results of your Interview (optional in 6th grade)


6th: Interview Results Checkpoint

Process paper Checkpoint

Last Annotated Bibliography Checkpoint




Thurs. Feb 18



 Process Paper with Title Page (one per project)

 Final Annotated Bibliography





Wed. Feb 24


 Finished Project Due 200


Wed. Feb 25


 Bay Farm History Fair Display Night

Rooms: P6-7-8-10-11



Tues. Mar 1


 Bay Farm Competition/Judging  


Sat. Mar 7 


 Winners Names to County  


March 19

 County Competition at the Oakland Museum Ex Cr


 State finals in Sacramento





 Nationals in Washington DC