National History Day 2016
Bay Farm Middle School participates in National History Day!
Choosing your category



How Do I Choose My Category?


Do you have special interests or talents that lend themselves to a specific category? How can your material best be expressed? Answering the following questions may help you decide.


Historical Paper

1. Do I enjoy writing?

2. Am I more comfortable expressing myself on paper rather than in front of an audience?

3. Am I trying to convey a complex idea that requires a lot of explanation?



1. Do I enjoy being in front of an audience?

2. Do I like to act?

3. Can I sing or play a musical instrument? (Musical talent is not necessary, but many students incorporate music into their performances.)

4. Can my topic be expressed dramatically?



1. Do I enjoy creating things with my hands?

2. Do I have room to keep an exhibit once I create it?

3. Do I have a way to transport my project to a contest?

4. Can I tell my story primarily through pictures and artifacts instead of words?



1. Do I have access to and enjoy working with media equipment?

2. Do I have access to editing equipment that I can operate?

3. Do I have a VCR, television, slide projector, tape recorder, computer, etc. that I can take to a contest?

4. Will my research be most clearly presented as a documentary?



Do I enjoy working with computers?

Do I have access to a laptop computer to present my entry at the contest?

Do I have a basic knowledge about developing websites?

Can I effectively present my topic in a website?