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Annotated Bibliography



Annotated Bibliography Instructions

Annotated Bibliographies are a common practice in post-secondary research.  It is one of the most important skills that you will learn and use in your future academic career.  We will work on these in preparation for your NHD project.  

Key elements of an annotated bibliography:

We will be creating an Annotated Bibliography for this project,  

not a Bibliography, not a Works Cited.


-Remember to title your page with "Annotated Bibliography" in the top center of your paper and either underline or boldface it.

-Primary sources are listed first, and listed in alphabetical order by the first word in the citation (excluding “a,” “an,” and “the.”)  

-Secondary sources are listed next, and listed in alphabetical order by the first word in the citation (excluding “a,” “an,” and “the.”)  See the sample.

Note: To assist you with this, you may want to organize a file of Primary Sources and a file of Secondary Sources.

-Annotated bibliographies are double-spaced (no need for an extra line between entries). 

-All lines after the first lines are tabbed in one tab (1/2 inch).

-URLs (web addresses) should NOT be hyperlinked.  (Google Docs might auto hyperlink, if so...right click on the hyperlink, and click “remove hyperlink.”)

-Spell and grammar-check your work.  Red squiggly lines let you know that there might be a problem. 

An example of an annotated bibliography entry: 


Before you submit your Annotated Bibliography make sure that your entries contain:


-A proper title

-Sub-headings to identify primary or secondary source entries

-Properly formatted MLA/Chicago citations in alphabetical order

-Properly formatted annotations

Carefully check for proper spelling, grammar, capitalization, and conventions (use the checklists on this sheet to help you). 

RUBRIC FOR Annotated Bibliography:

Proper title

Proper subtitle

Properly formatted citation

Annotation – clear summary

Annotation – usage statement

Spelling, grammar, conventions

0     1

0     1

0     1      2

0     1      2

0     1      2

0     1      2

Total: ___________/10