National History Day 2016
Bay Farm Middle School participates in National History Day!


How to get started with Turnitin


Use Turnitin to check originality in your work.

We have student Turnitin licenses for each of our students.

Website:    Turnitin (

Enrollment for the first time:

1. Click on "Create new account"

2. Use your GAFE ID email information (first3first , first3last, last3digits)

3. Make sure that you choose "Student"

4. Complete the student information requested with information provided by your teacher (class id, class enrollment password) Case-senstive so be careful

5. Check about #5 display names as woth you teacher, then complete

6. Use the same Bayfarm password as you do for GAFE.

Student QuickStart Guide

Student Startup Tutorial

QuickStart PDF Guide