National History Day 2016
Bay Farm Middle School participates in National History Day!

 NHD 2016 Exhibits

      Photos of this year's projects will be posted here soon. 

After viewing the exhibits we welcome your viewing responses on our padlet below.

 The Adventures of King Tut's Tomb  Robel B, Jaeden
 Ancient Greek Olympics  Sarah B
 Ancient Olympic Games  Ronan J
 The Appian Way Madison C, 
 Battle of Marathon  Selena P 
 Battle of Plataea: Sparta  Nebiyu T
 The Bay Bridge  Megan T
 Bay Farm Island  Eric Slez
 The Black Death: One of the World's Worst Epidemics   Ella Hidalgo, Sidney Ung  and Kristy Le 
 China: Gunpowder  Roslyn T
 The Expanding Empire  Katrina C
 The Dark Times: Salem, 1692  Mia B
 The Fall of the Roman Empire  Meechal W
 First Emperor of China  Gael P, Carlo G, Jordan M
 Galileo  Mohamed K, Steven N
 Galileo Galilei

 Cole C, Brandon S,

Javier L

 Galileo: Exploring the Universe   Khai-Ly T, Serena B, Maikhanh H
 Hatshepsut  Judy C
 Invention of the Wheel  Mathew S, Colin K, Tyler L
 Julius Caesar: Beloved Leader or  Ruthless Dictator  Sean B
 Julius Caesar: I came, I saw, I crossed, I conquered  Lucas C
 Let The Games Begin: The Story of How the Ancient Olympics Began  Amelie S
 Mayans  Brandon L
 Miyamoto Musashi  Landon G, Ethan W
 The Peloponnesian War  Quinlan W, Eamon W. Ike S
 The Prime Meridian  Samantha G
 The Silk Road  Breanna D
 Stolen Lives  Nkechi E, Natalie C
 The Travels Across the Silk Road  Natalia C, Annika W
 The Trials Roger L, Daryn Y
 The USS Hornet  Tucker T
 Vasco Da Gama  Brad H.

Please share your responses to viewing this year's exhibits on the Padlet below.