National History Day 2016
Bay Farm Middle School participates in National History Day!


    NHD 2016 Websites



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Cash Prize Awarded:

 S.F. Bay Area Historical Society:

 Neptune Beach: Coney Island of the West               


   Kyra Kong

  Caroline Gee  


 Bay Farm School Website Entries 

 Admiral Zheng He: 7 Voyages   Heather Y
 Al Capone in Alcatraz  Michael S, Stefan
 Alameda High School   Emily L 
 Alexander the Great  Puru G, Grant H
 Ancient Kemet's Spiritual Impact on Modern Day Christianity  Keikilani Z
 Angel Island Immigration Station: Japanese and Chinese Immigrants  Kenji S
 The Anti-Vietnam War  Amber Q
 Attila The Hun  James N, Mirielle F
 The Battle of Salamis  Sonia C
 The Battle that Changed Greece  Zeno Z
 The Black Death: A Global Encounter, a Deadly Exchange  Evelyn Le
 Cleopatra  Sophia N, Kya F
 Dissent into Dystopia  Duncan W
 The Early Cultivation of Sugar  Daisy W
 Ernest Lawrence: Making the Atomic  World Explode  Anthony M
 The Fall of the Inca Empire  Addy C, Mia T
 Galen and the Roman Doctors  Giselle M
 Galileo: Exploring the Universe,  Encountering Resistance  Irvin N
 The Golden Gate Bridge  Fana B, Savannah W
 Hammurabi : Claim to Fame  Ryan C, Dawit Y
 Hatshepsut  Nathan K, Landon M,  Tommy I
 Henry Hudson: A Man at Sea  Samantha W
 How the Radio Affected WWII  Mitchell T, Hagos W
 Johnny Carson Connor L
 The Journey of Joaquin Miller Liang, Chloe A, Emma C
 Martin Behaim: Creator of the Globe  Jacob K, Derek Deng,  Justin O
 The Knights Templar: Hidden Kings of the Crusades  Lucas S and Dominic F
 Magna Carta: A Document for all Times  Emily W
 Nefertiti  Sonia L, Nola W
 Neptune Beach: Coney Island of the West  Kyra K, Caroline G
 The Peloponnesian War  Samantha P, Sophie  Fooks, Amaya S
 The Rosetta Stone  Corbin H
 Qin Shi Huangdi  Vincent C
 USS Hornet: The Grey Ghost  Cameron P
 The Vikings  Tyler L.
 The Vikings: Barbarians or Norse Traders  Quinn D., Justin W.,  Malcolm F. 
 Women and the Expansion of the    Shang Dynasty  Akira Tamaoki
 Zhang Qian's Journeys  David H, Alex W, Alex H


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