Taking "ACTION!" with 21st Century Learning Skills
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This purpose of this site, geared toward K-12 instructors in the Native American education system, is to support the development and success of 21st Century Learning skills by way of video production technology.


The sample videos and learning objectives are from participatory youth video projects titled "ALL TRIBES Preventing Violence for REEL CHANGE," and "ALL TRIBES Charter for REEL CHANGE - Who would you talk to?"


REEL CHANGE is participatory student-driven program of Sun & Moon Vision Productions (a nonprofit film, documentary and educational video organization), that facilitates critical thinking, artistic expression, core educational standards, and community responsibility while teaching advanced technologies in video and film production.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Students will apply communication and presentation skills to pitch project to tribal elders and sponsors.
  2. Students will collaborate with classmates and community members in the complete video production process.
  3. Students will demonstrate production skills that include, but not limited to: ability to perform pre-production, production and post-production skill sets: write scripts and assemble storyboards and shooting scripts using digital video terms, identify target audience, communicate desired message to the community and peers, location scout, write and research interview questions, shoot and frame balanced composition with a video camera, set up lighting on the set, select appropriate script music, evaluate and select footage for editing, choose editing style and pacing, apply editing commands in video editing software, outreach to community professionals and tribal elders.
  4. Students will identify and address a community and/or school issue specific to the Rincon Indian Reservation.


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