Martin Luther King Day
How can we honor this great man's work?
Martin Luther King Jr.


How much do you know about Martin Luther King, Jr.? Watch the videos about Martin Luther King to learn more about his bacground, his call to action, and how he changed civil rights for all history.



Martin Luther King Jr. 


Martin Luther King Jr. Biography

Civil Rights ActivistMinister (1929–1968)

-Watch a series of short videos about his life at

-Read about his early years and his years as a Civil Rights Activist. Learn more about his impact on the world

-Create a Google Slideshow that share what you have learned about the man and his contributions

Classroom Jigsaw Activity:

Each Table reads one of the sections at

Together: Synopsis

Table 1: Early Years

Table 2: Education and Spiritual Growth

Table 3: Montgomery Bus Boycott

Table 4: outhern Christian Leadership Conference

Table 5: I have a Dream

Table 6: Assassination and Legacy

Each Table reports back important facts to the class. Each student takes notes about the most i

mportant information on a Google Doc named

"Notes about Dr. King


NAME: Martin Luther King Jr.
OCCUPATION:Civil Rights ActivistMinister
Fast FActs from
BIRTH DATE: January 151929
DEATH DATE: April 41968
EDUCATION: Boston UniversityMorehouse CollegeCrozer Theological Seminary
PLACE OF BIRTH:AtlantaGeorgia
PLACE OF DEATH:MemphisTennessee
ORIGINALLY: Michael King Jr.
FULL NAME: Martin Luther King Jr.

 Martin Luther King Slideshow:

-Set up a Google Slideshow

to share important facts about

Martin Luther King

-Use Webpath Express and

other online resources to

learn more about Dr. King

-Create a slideshow that

share important information

about Dr. King using photographs

and images that help tell this

important story




Montgomery Bus Boycott

-Watch the story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott


The March on Washington





 Bloody Sunday


 I Have a Dream Speech