Information Technology in the Classroom
IT for Teachers
IT Knowledge Areas

Enterprise Solutions and Integration Strategies

  • The technology used in the classroom integrates with the student information system, attendance, grades, and accountability applications. This allows the teacher to spend more time on lesson planning, teaching, and mentoring.


Creativity and Critical Thinking

  •  Emerging technology allows the student and teacher greater creativity and use multiple learning styles to improve their skill set. Using technology requires the teacher and student to implement strategies that will increase critical thinking and problem solving by using applications to be successful students and citizens.

Life Skills

  • The California Common Core Standards place emphasis on the skills necessary to complete in education and the workforce. The technology standards focus on those 21st century skills that students need to be success in their daily lives both at school, work, and play.


Continuous Improvement

  • A core goal of education is to continually improve the process and methods to teach students to be successful. Teachers are also learning new skills as emerging technology provides opportunities for collaboration, mentoring, and communication.