Getting to Know Google Slides
Technology Skills for the 21st Century
Getting Started

In order to create a presentation in GoogleSlides, you need to have a gmail account. Be sure to sign up for a free account before starting this tutorial.

Step 1:

Sign in to your Google account --> go to

Step 2:

Click the waffle in the upper right hand corner to

open up google apps.


Step 3:

Select Slides 


If you don't see the app for Google Slides you will need to click More. 


Step 4:

In the Slides menu select Start a New Presentation--> Blank

            A new presentation will open up in Slides

Step 5:

Give your presentation a Title

The helps to locate the presentation later more quickly.

Step 6:

The first slide is your title page.

Your title should be centered and larger than the subtitle.

Your subtitle should include your name and any identifying

information like your e-mail address.

Step 7:

Click Slide at the top of the page to insert a new slide. Chose the template that best fits your needs.


Continue adding as many slides as needed to complete your presentation.