This to That?
Solving Cable Confusion One Plug at a Time!

By Ryan Bettencourt      October 22, 2016 -- 01:25 PM
I thought that this project was a really interesting project because I am always looking for new ways to use technology, especially learning how to connect different devices to get the best possible use out of them. I thought that this project was very aesthetically pleasing and was very appropriate for the theme of the lesson. Use of the ADDIE model was clear in this project and the author did a great job of keeping the project concise with very factual information. Each tab was very simple and well organized with vital information to be learned. The audience and objectives are clear throughout the website and are established on the overview page. The use of learning objects was proven in the use of the charts, videos, and quiz. I thought that the charts were very helpful in listing what each object was, a brief description, and what device it can be used for. The videos were very informative and taught me how to connect technology devices to other devices. I would definitely refer to this site in the future if I had a question about how to connect cables to and from devices. The Summative evaluation placed at the end of the tabs was perfect for verification of knowledge learned. This framework is similar to that of Kirkpatrick’s (1998) four levels which proposed that someone could evaluate program success by any of the four criteria: (1) the reaction or satisfaction of the learners, (2) the attainment of learning objectives, (3) the transfer of learning to real life tasks, or (4) organizational results, that is, the overall impact of the intervention on the organization’s goals. (Januszewski and Molenda, 2013, p.118)
Januszewski, A., & Molenda, M. (Eds.). (2013). Educational technology: A definition with commentary. London: Routledge.

By Martha Infante      October 21, 2016 -- 09:49 PM
What an easy to understand tutorial/website! I really enjoyed the layout and the categories. They are simple, and for technophobes, simple is divine. Each section had quality, varied examples. I would share your website on facebook.

By Elizabeth T.      October 21, 2016 -- 06:17 PM
The template you used for this project was sleek and clean. The banner picture went well with the purpose of the website. I thought the pictures you added to explain the different cables and the instructional videos were great learning tools for any individual to self-teach themselves through any cable confusion. I also thought you followed the ADDIE model well with designing your categories. The website is user friendly and the quiz matches the color themes of your website.

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