This to That?
Solving Cable Confusion One Plug at a Time!

Audio cables are made for transferring sound from one device to another.  Not all devices have bluetooth capability, thats when audio cables come in handy.  Below is a list of cables and the devices that apply.

Cable Description Device

 3.5mm Audio Cable


This cable is made to fit in the headphone jack.  It comes in handy with connecting external speakers to a a device to provide extra sound.

 Phone, Stereo, Projector, Computer

 RCA Cable (Red & White)

This cable is great for setting up external sound from a T.V., Projector, to a set of powerful speakers such as a subwoofer.

 Stereo, TV, Projector

 Optical (TosLink) Audio Cable


This cable carries audio through a digital fiber optic stream.  The audio is believed to be more crisp and better sounding.

 Computer, TV

 TS Audio Cable


This cable is similiar to the 3.5mm cable, but is quite larger in size.  These cables are used for mono signals such as electric guitars or large microphones.


 Phone Cable

This is the standard phone cable which can be used for phone (land line) or fax machines.  Commonly mistaken for the ethernet cable which is larger in size.

Phone, Fax

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