This to That?
Solving Cable Confusion One Plug at a Time!

Video cables are made for displaying video from one device to another. There may be a time when you want to project onto a bigger screen, or share your device screen.  Not all devices come with wireless screen sharing, so that is when video cables come in to play.  Below is a list of cables and the devices that apply.

 Cable Description   Device

 HDMI Cable


This is a very popular cable because it not only transfers video, but audio as well in high definition quality.  There is also a miniature version which is used with some cellphones.

 TV, Computer, Projector, Monitor, Phone


This cable is similiar to the HDMI cable, because it has high definition and carries audio.  This cable is not that popular due to the amount of connectors.


 Display Port


This cable is popular due to the fact it carries video and audio in high definition.  Sometimes confused with HDMI because of the appearance.  The regular size display port can be found on some PCs.  The mini display port can be found on Macbooks.

 TV, Computer, Monitor

 DVI Video Cable


The DVI cable can only display video, but can be found on many computers and monitors.

 Computer, Monitor



The VGA cable is very popular.  It can be found on almost all computers and monitors.  Some TVs also have the VGA port.  This cable can only display video so the HDMI cable is preferred.

 Computer, Monitor, Projector, TV

 RCA (Yellow)

Only the yellow cable displays video and the red/white displays audio.  The video and audio can be purchased separately, but its preferred to buy all three connected for easability.  This cable was the most popular, but the HMDI cable is now preferred.

 TV, Projector

 Coaxial Cable


This cable is used with every cable box system.  It transfers video and audio to your TV from the cable provider.

TV, Cable Box

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