This to That?
Solving Cable Confusion One Plug at a Time!

Data cables are made for transferring data from one device to another.  Not all devices have wireless data transferring capability, and wire data transfer is known to be faster.  Below is a list of cables and the devices that apply.

Cable Description Device

 USB Cable


This cable is the most common used for transferring data between devices.  It also has a mini usb designed for transferring from phone to computer.

 Computer, Phone, Tablet

 USB 3.0

This is an upgrade version of the USB.  It transfers speeds twice as faster.  It's common to see these cables used for external hard drives.


 Printer Cable


The title says it all.  This cable is common to see connected to printers.  The other end is typically a standard USB which connects to the computer.

 Computer, Printer

 iPhone/iPad Data Cable


This cable is used for the earlier versions of the iPad and iPhone.  It can be used for transferring data to and from the computer.  Also has charging capabilities.

 iPad, iPhone

(versions 1-4)


 Lightning Cable


This is the upgraded version of the iPhone/iPad data cable.  The data transfer speeds are twice as fast, and has charging capabilities.

 iPad, iPhone

(versions 5 and up)


 CAT5,6 (Ethernet, Network, Patch)


These cables are the most popular in the world of networking.  Not only are these cables great for transferring data, but they are also what helps get you connected to the internet.

 Computer, Router, Modem, VOIP Phone

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