Natural Living
DIY projects and recipes for your health, beauty, and the home
What is natural living?

According to the Our Natural Journey website, natural living "is about using products and materials that can be found in nature as often as possible."  Some examples of how you can use more natural products in your daily life include:

  • Using household items made from glass, wood, and steel as opposed to plastic
  • Wearing clothes made from cotton, silk, and wool rather than polyester
  • Buying (or making!!!) personal, household, and food products made from natural ingredients

When I began my journey to leading a more natural and holistic lifestyle, I quickly learned it can unfortunately be quite costly.  As someone who has had a lifelong love of making things "from scratch", I started to look for ways to make my own natural products and discovered there are so many possibilities and resources out there already!  By exploring this site, some products you can learn to make include:

  • cleaning products
  • personal hygiene products
  • beauty products
  • and more!
I also have a passion for a "no waste" approach to the kitchen, so there are a few ideas for making the most of your fresh produce under the "Kitchen" tab as well.  Have fun exploring the site, and I hope you are inspired to make at least a couple of natural living choices in the future!

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