The Eastern Seaboard 2017
Sharing our trip as we go...

8th grade is off to the Eastern Seaboard!

June 14, 2017


Unfortunately, not everyone can go with us on our trip to Boston, Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington DC... but you can join us here online as we report our experiences each day!

Our travelers are on eastern time 3 hours ahead of us at Bay Farm, so we hope to be able to post each day’s reports and pictures for viewing between 9:00-11:00 pm pst daily during our trip.

When we return we will continue to post our stories and reflections to complete our experience! We even have Fitbit travel mileage to report!

(Keep your fingers crossed for good wifi and i-Cloud sharing)

Check back each day and see how our adventure is going!



We experience difficulty live-posting at times during our trip! We have lots to tell you about so please try again if you miss some of our postings or see blank pages for a day that has been completed.  Thanks for your patience!

Ms. Clement