How to Personalize Learning (Book Study Guide)
A Practical Guide to Getting Started and Going Deeper

The UDL lens is designed so that we see the learner in every child. It offers in-depth information about the learner and how they learn that we do not acquire through testing data. It also offers a process for learners and teachers to develop learning goals so that each learner can acquire the necessary skills to become a independent and self-directed learner; an expert learner.


UDL Lens

  1. How did using the UDL lens impact the understanding of yourself as a learner?

  2. Why is UDL important for teaching and learning for all learners?

  3. What did you learn about the three UDL principles that can help you understand your learners and in creating expert learners?

How You Learn Best

  1. What did you learn about this child and how they learn that you may have not thought about before?

  2. What do you see as the value in knowing learners through the UDL lens?

  3. How would you use the UDL lens in daily practice?

  4. What did you discover about yourself using this lens?


Qualities of the Expert Learner

  1. Invite teachers to work together in pairs or small groups to review both charts on expert learners.
  2. Have teachers identify the expert learner qualities that they would like to see in their learners.
  3. Discuss how UDL can be the lens for personalizing learning.
  4. Answer this question and share below and in small groups: “How will you use UDL and the expert learner qualities to build a relationship with your learners?”


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