How to Personalize Learning (Book Study Guide)
A Practical Guide to Getting Started and Going Deeper
Who I am as a Learner

Invite learners to fill out Part One and Part Two of Who I am as a Learner.


Consult with the learner to review their responses with you.

  1. Here are some questions you can ask the learner:
    Have you always been interested in….?
    Were you surprised about the words you chose that best represent you?
    Did you find it easy or difficult to answer any of these sections? If so, why?

  2. Have the learner write a journal, record an audio file, audio clip, or video, a blog, or some other way to capture what they wrote in Part One to keep in their portfolio.

Discussion Questions for Part One:

  1. How often would the teacher ask learners to reflect on Who I am as a Learner - Part One?

  2. What technologies do you use for portfolios?

  3. How can you use the information they shared to engage your learners?

Activities for Part Two:


Have the learner complete each section. After the learner completes all three sections, schedule a meeting to review the strengths, challenges, preferences and needs in Access, Engage, and Express. Ask the learner:

  1. To share what stood out from their stories in each of the sections.

  2. What was difficult or hard for you? What was easy?

  3. How did they decide what they prefer or need for learning?

  4. If they have some questions for you about what they found out about themselves?


Discussion Questions:

  1. Since other teachers will be reading this book, what would you like to share with them about this process as learners completed the “Who I am as a Learner?” activity?

  2. How did the conversations build a better relationship with your learners?

  3. How do you see this process validating the learner and how they feel about themselves as a learner and learning?