How to Personalize Learning (Book Study Guide)
A Practical Guide to Getting Started and Going Deeper

How does creating a Class Learning Snapshot help you create expert learners in your classroom?  Be sure to include ways that might help you to select the best pedagogical strategies to help learners understand their own learning preferences so they can better access and engage with content and to express what they are learning or have learned.


To take this step further, choose one of your learners and plan a short activity to demonstrate how you will address how they learn as a learner. Administrators or coaches can reflect about one of their teachers as a learner.


After adding your four learners and their strengths, interests, challenges, preferences and needs, review what you wrote and write a reflection summarizing how these four learners encompass the diversity of all the learners either in your class or classes.

  1. How does the Class Learning Snapshot help you understand how your learners learn? How do they need to process information, what engages them in learning, and how do they express what they know and understand?

  2. Did you learn something new about your learners you did not know before doing the CLS?

  3. Does one learner stand out to you? Why? How might you change your instructional strategies from what you found out about this learner?


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