How to Personalize Learning (Book Study Guide)
A Practical Guide to Getting Started and Going Deeper

UDL Lesson Review


  1. What did you learn about your methods, materials and assessments and the possible barriers they may have with you learners?
  2. What new UDL Solutions did you discover in the process of reviewing your learners strengths, preferences and needs?
  3. How did your instructional strategies change based on who your learners were in the Class Learning Snapshot?

Part One: Frame the Lesson



Questions to consider


The Big Idea and/or Driving Questions

What is the goal of the lesson or project?

What are the driving questions for this lesson or project?


What instructional methods and strategies will you use in this lesson to provide opportunities for real-world learning?

Standards and Learning Targets

What are the standards that you will use in this lesson?

How will you unpack the standards with your learners?

How will you give voice and choice with these learning targets?

Learner Outcomes

What will be the learning outcomes for your learners?

What will your learners be able to do or demonstrate?

Assessment Plan

Based on your lesson review:

  • What formative assessments will you use in this lesson to check check for understanding?

  • What ways will learners have to demonstrate mastery of their learning targets?

Vocabulary: New and Review

How will you present new vocabulary and review vocabulary with learners using multiple representations?  

How did this vocabulary activity support my learners?

What did your learners say about this activity?

Are the vocabulary and symbols clear to all learners?



 Part Two: Lesson Review



Questions to Consider

Lesson Kick-off and Engagement

How will you engage learners in the lesson?

How will you activate prior knowledge and generate questions?

How will you engage your learners?

Lesson Exploration and Guided Practice

How will you give your learners access to the content of the lesson?

What alternatives to language-based learning will you provide?

What options will you give to provide guided practice?

Decide on Checks for Understanding

(Formative Assessment)

How will you check for understanding?
(Assessment FOR learning)


How will you give your learners voice and choice so that they can reflect on their learning and monitor their own progress?
(Assessment AS Learning)

Lesson Expansion and Independent Practice

How will expand the lesson for your learners to review, question, learn and apply?


How will you give learners choice in their independent practice based upon their strengths, talents, interest or needs?


How will you scaffold the practice for learners to learn at their own pace and to achieve independence?


Did all your learners understand the big idea and achieve the outcomes?

What instructional strategies worked and did not work?