How to Personalize Learning (Book Study Guide)
A Practical Guide to Getting Started and Going Deeper

Review the Stages of Personalized Learning Environment v5 that is on the back cover and the Crosswalk across the Stages on the inside of the front cover. 


  1. After reviewing the cross-walk , consider what each stage means for your learners, you and your role either as a teacher, administrator or parent.

  2. Compare the Stages of Personalized Learning Environment v5 with the crosswalk across the stages.

  3. Share what stage your class or school is in and provide one or two specific examples using the elements of learner agency.

Build the Common Language


  • What new language did you learn from reviewing the crosswalk of the elements of learner agency across the stages of PLE. How does it connect with Chapter 3 on learner agency and the continuums?