Classical, Medieval, or Renaissance? Let's Play the "Ultim-ART" Match Game!
Can You Match the Famous Piece of Art to Its Time Period?




One way to study history is to examine the art that was produced during that time period.  Art often reflects the social, political and economic times in a visual way that our textbooks cannot.  Looking at interesting and beautiful art is an engaging way to discuss historical times on a more personal level.  Why does that medieval serf appear to look so hopeless?  How can you tell the Renaissance merchant has money?  The information in this website will allow students to analyze a painting and correctly explain during which historical period it was painted.     


Learning Objectives:


1) Students will get a brief overview of the classical, medieval and Renaissance periods.        

     2) Research the key differences between art from these periods.

     3) Complete the Match Game Cheat Sheet.

     4) Apply what you've learned to the Match Game.

Content Standards:

7.8.1 Students will describe the way in which the revivial of classical learning and the arts fostered a renewed interest in humanism (i.e., a balance between intellect and religious faith).