Traveling from the Classroom
Making Connections to the Real World

How Do You Travel from a Classroom?


      Do you ever get bored of the same activities and assignments year after year? Do you notice your students becoming disengaged during lessons that you thought would be fun and interactive? Maybe your school doesn’t have the funds to provide the experiences you wish your students could obtain? If so, I have the answer for you.


      As educators of elementary school students, it is crucial that we keep our students engaged and motivated in the learning process. One way to do this is by online traveling. Online traveling brings reality and the outside world into the classroom. Crucial concepts, themes, ideas, and facts that are taught in everyday curriculum can be enhanced through the Internet. Teachers have the ability to access a variety of free tools that can help students make connections between reality and the subject content they are learning about.

Students with Technology

A few examples of these tools are:

  • Virtual field trips
  • YouTube videos
  • Interactive websites.


    All of these online traveling tools provide opportunities for new discovery in the classroom. Online traveling gives students a deeper understanding of concepts being taught and allows them to create accurate, real-life portrayals in their head rather than learning from a two-dimensional image in a textbook. Online traveling is a useful tool in the classroom that will keep your students interested and motivated to learn.