Traveling from the Classroom
Making Connections to the Real World
What Are They?

     Virtual field trips are exactly what they sound like they would be. They are field trips with an expert that are done virtually (through the Internet).

Virtual field trips have many benefits:

  • Found for free on a variety of websites online and provide an exciting, new experience for your students.
  • Students have the chance to explore things that they may never have been exposed to due to expenses, location, or even the weather.
  • Allow students to form deeper connections to the learning and gain first-hand experiences.
  • Applied to any subject matter and any grade level.

     From my own experiences growing up, I was not provided many “real life connections” to the content I was taught. I knew this was a problem when, at age 23, I learned what the Taj Mahal looked like for the first time from a ride at Disneyland’s California Adventure. The Taj Mahal is one of the “Seven Wonders of the World” and not a single one of my teachers growing up ever thought it was an important thing for me to see or know about. Virtual field trips allow students to go anywhere they could possibly dream of all from the screen of their computer. Teachers can also use these field trips to enhance the learning experiences for their students. Virtual field trips are a great closing activity to any unit you are working with. They give you the ability to bring the content together and help the students make a real-life connection to it.

Virtual Field Trip