Traveling from the Classroom
Making Connections to the Real World

     Grades Kindergarten through fifth learn about different natural resources and how to preserve them. After talking about what natural resources are in the environment, you might decide you want to show your students a real life example of people working with them. Hertzfeld Poultry Farm has provided a 30 minute virtual field trip explaining the process of conserving and protecting the natural resources they rely on to produce eggs.  


Watch the video here:


     Another great virtual field trip to help your students learn about different places in the world is AirPano. A team of photographers has provided 360 degree views (photographs and video) of multiple different locations and events from around the world. Maybe youRoman Colliseum want to show your students what the Roman Colosseum looks like today when talking about the Roman empire or maybe you want to show them the Northern Lights in Norway while teaching a science lesson? AirPano will be a great place for you to create real-life connections for your students.


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     The next two websites listed provide a variety of links to different virtual field trips that you might want to use in your own classroom. Take a virtual, self-guided tour of the Museum of Natural History, go on an Arctic dogsled expedition with Arctic Adventure, or delve into the oceans and tides through Explore the Estuary. The possibilities are endless when we have virtual field trips at our fingertips.


Links to the websites: