Traveling from the Classroom
Making Connections to the Real World

     Interactive websites are websites that can be manipulated for an educational purpose. These websites usually provide learning games and activities for a variety of age groups. Each grade level has specific activities that are tailored for their learning. These websites are another great way to bring reality into the classroom because students are working hands-on with activities that directly relate to their learning.

Students with Technology

     One example of an interactive website is "" This website combines materials, facts, trivia questions, and games for students all into one. They also have access to an encyclopedia, dictionary, and an atlas. This website has information on a variety of subjects that may be discussed in every classroom.

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     Another example of a popular interactive website that could be used for a fifth grade class is "" In fifth grade, the Social Studies standards show that students are required to learn different qualities about the United State of America. This website provides multiple games, maps, and slideshows to help students practice finding the locations of the states and their capitals. This website is applicable to pre-Kindergarten all the way to sixth grade classrooms, each level and subject matter having their own materials.


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HSS.5.9. Students know the location of the current 50 states and the names of their capitals.