Improving Photographic Literacy
Dave Adams

My Bio:

After failing to complete my first attempt at student teaching at Western Washington University, I decided to follow my dream of being a Peace Corps Volunteer.  I was lucky enough to get the assignment of teaching Sculpture in a small poor rural school in the north eastern region of Ghana.  Upon completing the 2 year assignment, I knew I wanted to complete my teaching certificate to and follow that passion as a career.  I substitute taught and coached basketball and golf for 2 years on Whidbey Island in Washington state before relocating to Davis, California and finding a perfect fit at William Daylor Continuation High School in Sacramento.  I have now been there 10 years teaching in and coordinating the Building and Trades Pathway as well as teaching Digital Photography, Health, and Leadership.


Outside of teaching, my life is fulfilled my wife and three beautiful and engaging daughters aged 6, 4, and 2. Together we like to camp, road trip, swim, dance, do cartwheels and be adventurous.  In my own time with friends I like to play basketball, tennis, golf, and train for an annual Tough Mudder which often end in drinking quality hand crafted beer together.



My Philosophy:

Being a teacher carries an undeniably high level of responsibility to the communities we teach in.  Being a teacher is a commitment to the children and their families knowing their education is an important foundation to each individual’s future as well as that of the regions they live.  My philosophy as a teacher is I believe strongly in building relationships with students and connecting with them at a personal level.  This in turn will lead to greater results in student’s growth as learners in the classroom and citizens beyond the schools walls.  In order to open student’s minds, we need to open their hearts first.  All students have the ability to learn and teachers who are able to make personal connections with students will then be able to “twist their arms” while adding rigor to the instruction for better overall results.


As an Artist:


I found my passion for the arts from an amazing high school ceramics teacher, Rich Conover. He opened my heart to the value of being in a creative space and becoming engulfed in a work of art.  From there, I went to Western Washington University to become an Art Teacher.  I mostly took Ceramics and Photography classes but what really engaged me was a secondary education professor who introduced me to the philosophical and anthropological reasons art is necessary in our lives.  Art for me now days revolves around taking photos of my 3 daughters and teaching the subject that I love.