Spring Book Fair 2018
What's new at the Book Fair?
Sign up Starts May 7th

Book Fair Give Away... 


Grades 1-8

(K has its own special raffle during Library visits)

Be sure to sign up for our Book Give-Away...

starting Monday, May7


Here’s how it works:  


 You can sign up on each list for each book you would like to win....

 but only one time for each title you are interested in.


It’s  that simple! 

1. Use the tabs to the right to look at each list.

2. When you see a title you’d like to win, put your first name, last name, and Room number in the box directly below the book picture.

3. At the end of the list click Submit and OK to send it alongfor the online raffle.


We will announce winners each morning during Morning Ceremony May14,15,16.


Remember....you can’t win if you never sign up!

Take a chance and see if you win a book from our Fall BookFair Give-Away!


Happy Reading!