Spring Book Fair 2018
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3-4-5 Can't Wait Spring 2015

Grades 3-4-5

Let’s tell everyone about your favorite titles from our Spring 2015 Book Fair that you can’t wait to read!!

1. Choose a book title from the Book Fair that you can’t wait to read.


2. Find out something more about the book. Read the back cover,  use the online resources below we have been learning about. What are others saying about the book? What rating is the book receiving? Are there trailers and interviews about the book?

Write why you can’t wait to read this title from the Fall BookFair and include information you have found out by looking up the title on the web resources below.

Good Reads.com

 Barnes and Noble data base with reviews

 Amazon Books with professional/customer reviews and ratings

 Scholastic Book Fairs and Stacks website

 ***Do we already have a copy? Be sure to check our online catalog to see if we already have a copy in our library, If so, tell us the call number and where to find it in our library!


3. Let’s use Padlet to share our favorites!

Click on the tab for your grade level cluster to post titles to the Wall to share titles that you can’t wait to read from our Fall BookFair!

4. Open another tab and Google Search an image of the cover, copy the image location, and paste it to the padlet after clicking the link icon to add it to your post.

Let's see what everyone can't wait to read!