Spring Book Fair 2018
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6-7-8 Can't Wait Spring 2015

Here is our Spring 2015 Padlet Wall. 6-7-8

Add the books you can’t wait to read here!

Be sure to include why you can’t wait to read the title you choose!

1. Open up two tabs, one to find your title image, one to add to the Padlet.

2. Open the Padlet, enter your first name, last initial, room#, then write in complete sentences what you can’t wait to read and why.

3. Switch tabs, Google image search your title, and add the word "book" to improve your image search.

3. Choose your image. Use "Save/Copy image location" and copy the link.

4. Switch back to Padlet, click on the link icon inside your padlet. Comment and paste the link. Your image should show up. If not, simply go back and choose a different image and try again.