Spring Book Fair 2018
What's new at the Book Fair?
Google Slide Presentations



Your assignment is to choose books from the Book Fair that you can’t wait to read or that you want to advertise for younger students. Use your GAFE Drive ...create a Google Presentation (Slides) for this assignment. Submit to Google Classroom Assignment when completed.


6th Grade: Choose 5 titles to recommend (worth 20 points each)

Grades 3-4-5: Choose 3 titles


*Include a Title Slide for the project..."Can’t Wait to Read it" by (Your name, first and last)

Each slide needs to include:

1. Title of the Book and Author

2. Front Cover picture or images from the book

3. Why you can’t wait to read it.....or.....Quick summary or hook to the book if for younger students

4. Amazon Customer Star Rating

5. Add a slide at the end giving me permission to use your slides on our school website.

(if you give me permission...this does not guarantee publishing, it gives your permission to use your slides if chosen) Note: If published , your content will not be modified or changed, but may have a final edit for grammar, spelling, etc. if necessary)

7. IMPORTANT! Remember to share this assignment with me by attaching it to the assignment inside your Google Classroom Library account.

Link to our Online Book Fair for title ideas

Link to Fall Book Fair flyer

Link to Fall Middle Spring Book Fair flyer