Real Math!
How can we use free manipulatives at our disposal to make math real for students?


This website is intended to show teachers an example of mathematical applications using the ADDIE model with free manipulatives.

Throughout the tabs, you will see notes for the teacher as well as examples of a student project.  


Students learn math best when trying concepts for themselves and learning from experiences. Though high-cost programs are certainly beneficial, not all schools can afford the most up-to-date materials.  When budgets are low, students can use any materials at hand to learn math. As teachers, resourcefullness is a virtue. To begin an activity using realia, ask students to bring in specific objects from home that could potentially be used to connect a math concept. 


Toy cars => rate activity  


Hand towels => area application


Marbles or other toys => probability


When students see and use realia from their lives, they connect more to the mathematics.  In the example project, 8th grade math students bring in Barbies from home to use in a lesson on rate of change and linear equations. 




Objectives For Projects with Realia

  1. Collect data and display it in a table
  2. Display the data on a coordinate grid with a title, labeled axes, data points and line of best fit
  3. Determine a pattern in the data
  4. Use the pattern to predict future events
  5. Evaluate the accuracy of your prediction
  6. Present your findings to the class